A stroll around ancient Nara


There is a square plaza where was used for celebration events in ancient days in front of Suzaku-mon and Heijokyu. After the time of the 1300 year, the plaza was redeveloped as Nara Place Site Historical Park Suzaku-mon Hiroba Square on March 24, 2018. 

At the institutions in Suzaku-mon Hiroba Square, a map ““MIYAKONO MAWARI POTTERING MAP” made together by Atsushi Yamamoto of NARASORA and Stroly was distributed.

The map provides directions of pottering or walking mainly around Heijokyu Ruins. We are going to provide even better services on Stroly by planning events and adding more landmark information in the future.


■ Service period March 24, 2018 ~
■ Organizer Heijyo-kyo Revitalization Project
■ URL:

Business Plan
Business Plan

With our Business Plan, we will digitize your already existing map, add geolocation information and register landmark pins. Use this plan to upgrade the performance and give it a professional look.

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