Tanita Health Link “Karada Karute” Bakumatsu Edo (Late Edo Period) Virtual Walking Event


Stroly service was utilized in an event organized by Karada Karute. The event was held to encourage people to make walking a habit. You can enjoy virtually some walking courses all around the world while you actually walk and count your steps.

If you go to Stroly page from the Karada Karute event page, stories (Landmark Pins) which you can see and read develop according to the number of steps you take. You can enjoy walking with the historical map while you read these stories of late Edo era when big historic moment occurred.tanita-1

Service Period
February 2018~( Step event implementation period: February 13 to March 19, 2018)



Custom viewer, Selection, registration and distribution of the historical map, Design and registration of landmark contents, Build contents for Karada Karute website, Development of linking parameters

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Enterprise Plan

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