Setouchi Finder operated by Setouchi DMO

setouchi2018_lowIn order to promote trips by ships in the Island Sea, Setouchi, Setouchi DMO(The Inland Sea, SETOUCHI Tourism Authority) together with Jorudan Co.,Ltd. collected the seiling routes information of major regular passenger ships which arrive and depart from the seven prefectures surrounding Setouchi and started providing the information on Setouchi Finder site in multi-languages. 2018).

Information of these operation hours and arrival or departure harbors are posted on each website of ship company. However, there was no service to put all shipping routes information together, and users needed to research several websites to know, for instance, access information to an island.

To make a better environment for travelers so that they can use the seiling routes in Setouchi easier, we assisted the service by providing Stroly API. They collected several seiling route information and not only showed it on Google map, but also created a multilingual seiling route map with illustration of seiling routes so that travelers can see it at one glance. Also, switching the display of seiling route map and Google map is available.


Service Period
September 2017 ~

Setouchi DMO, Jorudan Co.,Ltd.


Registration of illustration map, Provision of Stroly API, Illustration Map Design

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