UENO Cultural Park

ueno_mainUENO Cultural Park Map is a map you select out of eleven kinds of maps which introduce the unique charm of Ueno, and you can carry it around and experience the area directly. 

While tracking the current location with GPS, you can enjoy more than 200 highlights information in two languages, Japanese and English according to the language setting of your device. Please access it from the official website, “UENO Cultural Park”.


■ Service Period
Updated from March 16, 2017 to March 2018.

The Implementation Committee for New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”

■URL ueno1890 etc.

Custom viewer, Registration and distribution of illustrated map, Design and registration of multilingual landmark pins, Pamphlet · Posters · Web banner design

Enterprise Plan
Enterprise Plan

With our Enterprise Plan, we will help you with any type of project you’ll want to create. Like creating an original map, adding stamp rally features or including a custom viewer for it.

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