What you can get
from using a Stroly map


Use your original maps as a tool to improve branding.


Give a theme to your maps to make them unique and increase the engagement.


Analyze log-data based on users’ real behavior to plan what your next promotion move will be.

Assist Plan

Premium Plan

Recommended for
  • Already have an original map.
  • Want your georeferencing done by our specialists.
  • Use Stroly to build their your projects.
Digitizing, georeferencing and making your Stroly map public yes yes
Landmark Pins registration yes yes
Designing your original map yes
Customization of the Map Viewer Page yes
Data dashboard yes yes
Data analysis support yes
  • Your original map’s data
  • Pictures and texts etc. you want to add in the landmark pins of your map
Please contact us for any inquiry.
Pricing Georeferencing and distributing your original map
129,600 JPY(with TAX)
Planning and production costs
1,660,000 JPY(with TAX)


Please contact us directly info@stroly.jp


  1. You

    • Map area data collection, project planning (Premium only);
    • Preparing the map data file;
    • Preparing landmark pins’ content.
  2. Stroly

    Georeferencing using Stroly Editor

  3. You

    • Reviewing the map before official release;
    • Obtaining your QR code to access the map on Stroly
  4. Your map
    to the

Assist Plan success stories

Stroly α

Stroly operates the free mapping tool, Stroly Editor. With this tool, users can make an online Stroly map by adding georeferencing to their maps.

  • The Stroly Editor is still in β phase. Uploaded maps and their data can be accidentally lost while it is being updated.
  • There currently is no support desk for Stroly Editor. Please consider upgrading to the Assist Plan if you wish to receive support.

Experience your area even more with Stroly maps

A Stroly map…

  • Can be accessed and viewed by anyone.
  • Can display your current location.
  • Can be used as smoothly as any other standard online map platform.
  • Can be switched with a standard map, allowing users to easily check their location.
  • Locate

    Locate your current position using GPS.

  • Switch

    Target an area with the central mark and switch between the Stroly and the standard map.

  • Landmark

    Display information about a specific location.

Let’s stroll around using Stroly maps!

View more examples of Stroly maps.

Take full advantage of your maps at hand:
digitize them using the Stroly platform and improve your branding and marketing!